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Interest Rates and a 20,000 Dow

In an astonishing combination of unrelated events, tomorrow’s Federal Reserve decision could be the final impetus that motivates traders to push the Dow Jones Industrial Average above 20,000 for the first time in history.

As we await the Fed’s decision tomorrow, we are witnessing one of the most historic moves in the US equities. This combination of events, which in terms of timing is unrelated, might occur on the same day. Read more as the Fed speaks

UK £6 Billion Worse Off After Multi Billion Pound Gold “Accounting Error”

Britain’s trade deficit with the rest of the world is £6 billion larger than previously thought — and at a record high — because the nation’s bean counters made a mistake in their sums....... Read the full story here.

Should you buy a piece of Royal Mint gold?

THE Royal Mint has launched a new service that allows people to buy pieces of gold for as little as £20..... Read the report by The Daily Express

First India, Now Rumors Circulate About China Curbing Gold Imports

(Kitco News) - Gold could continue to weaken next week as rumors persist that China is unofficially restricting gold imports into the country.
First India, Now Rumors Circulate About China Curbing Gold ImportsEarlier this week, reports circulated suggesting that international banks, licensed by the government to bring gold into the country, are having difficulties with their imports........ Read the Kitco news report

The Lion of England 2017 2017 UK Five-Ounce Gold Proof Coin

The Lion of England is the first release in the collection. Royal Mint coin designer Jody Clark has taken centuries of tradition and combined it with contemporary design to create a series of dynamic reverse designs. Jody’s interpretation of the lion is joined by his coinage portrait of Her Majesty on the obverse. The coin is struck in five ounces of 999.9 fine gold, is finished to Proof standard and comes with a booklet produced in collaboration with Clive Cheesman, Richmond Herald at the College of Arms....... Read the product details on the Royal Mint site